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2017 Wolf Hunt
In Ontario, wolf season begins on the 15th of September and runs until the 31st of March of the following year. There are two different ways we hunt wolfs; one way is to wait till January when all bodies of water freeze over and use bait to bring them in. Wolves are very smart and shy. They will pick up the faintest human scent and will not venture out until after dark. Huts are set up on one side of the lake and the bait is on the opposite side. The bait is placed as far away as possible so that the wolf will not pick up your scent. Shots can range from 200-400 yards. 

Another way is to use a fox pro caller and call them in.

We will be hunting wolves during the end of December and beginning of January.

During this time of year it gets extremely cold, but do not let that discourage you. All huts are heated and are equipped with a window that you can open when its time to take the shot, so you will stay warm all day.

You will be hunting the Eastern Timber Wolf and the Algonquin Red Wolf.

Package 1 Accommodation and Hunt

What's included:
-6 Day Hunt
- 3 meals a day
- Accommodations, towels and linens

- Heated hut
- Skinning and freezing of your hide
- Active baits

**2,500.00 USD Per Hunter

**A non-refundable deposit of **$550.00 USD is required upon booking,
Non-resident over the counter license, Export-tag, Outdoors Card, Non-resident Small Game Card and Gun transfer's are extra**

Please Make All Cheques Payable to Nick Farace

***Note: To insure a good hunt, we will only be taking a limited number of hunters(2 in total). So do not delay, space is limited.***
**At this time there is availability for all dates**

****All Prices are in Americans Funds****

Rules to follow while hunting with Wild North Outfitters

Upon booking you are agreeing to the following:

Hunter orange are not required unless hunting during an open gun season for big game.

Hunters are not required to have gun encased, while traveling in vehicles during the day. Guns must be cased before and after dark.

***Please note: a wounded wolf is considered your wolf, found or not. So take the time to make a well place shot***

2017 Licence information

Non-Resident Wolf Licence $274.67 CAN
Non-Resident Small Games Licence $123.19 CAN
Gun Transfer $25.00 CAN
Non-Resident Outdoors Card $11.94 CAN
Cities are free

All licences are available over the counter

Effective January 1, 2009 All Non-residents wanting to
 fish or hunt in Ontario must purchase an Outdoors Card

Caliber Sizes Recommend

Anything from 204, 223, 22-250, 243



2015 Wolf Hunt Summary

Unfortunately we did not host any hunters this year. We did have some people interested in coming but they waited till the last minute to commit. I was unable to rearrange my schedule to accommodate them.

If you are interested in coming wolf hunting, I need at least 6 months notice.

Thanks for your time,

2014 Wolf Hunt Summary

Even though there was interest in this years hunt, it was put on hold for camp renovations for the upcoming rental season. The population of wolves has exploded in the area and it is very common to see tracks just about anywhere you go and to hear them howling very close to the house. There was one Eastern wolf taken within a couple of hundred yards of the house. It measured 54 inches long with a chest girth of 23 inches. This wolf was the biggest one he had ever seen. There is very minimal hunting pressure on them from the locals so their population will keep continuing to grow.


2013 Wolf Hunt Summary

This years wolf hunt was a success! We harvested one beautiful wolf and had many sightings. The wolves were plentiful, the population is the highest we have seen in years up here. Not only do you hear them howling on regular basis close by, but once the snow fell their presence was confirmed. There were tracks all over the place, chasing the moose or deer. During the archery moose hunt season a group of hunters set up with crossbows around the caller was in the middle. One of the hunters had wolves surround and encircle him during his sit on the ground. He had no cell service and couldnt yell loud enough for his friends to hear. He was pretty shook up and could not get a good shot off due to them constantly moving through the thick brush. Thats one experience he surely will never forget.