Come a customer, leave as a friend..


What do I need to bring my gun across the boarder?

All you need to do is print and fill out the form that is available at Once at the border you will be charged a $25 fee and you will be able to bring up to 3 firearms. Bows and crossbows are not classified as firearms so no paper work or fee is required.

How long does it take to get where you are located and what will I need to cross the border?

Depending on which bridge you cross into Ontario it will take approximately 6 hours from the Lewiston Bridge and 4 hours from the Thousand Islands Bridge . You will need a valid US passport.

Can I bring an ATV and what do I need to bring in into Ontario ?

Yes, you certainly may. Not only will it be helpful from getting you on baits but there are thousands of miles on trails to explore. You will need your ownership, proof of insurance and license plate. You will also need a helmet

What can I expect on my trip?

First and foremost you will have an amazing time. To us this is more then just a hunting trip, its a paid vacation that you saved your hard earned money to go on and you will not be disappointed. We pride ourselves on customer service and will go above and beyond your expectations. Based on past experiences you come a customer, you leave a friend. Almost all of our business is word of mouth and over 85 percent of our customers are repeats.

Do I need to bring a sleeping bag, towel or a pillow?

No you do not, everything is provided. You may want to bring your own pillow though because everyone has a different preference which can result in a better nights sleep.

What kinds of meals are provided if I choose to have meals included in my package?

You will have breakfast, lunch and dinner with unlimited snacks, fruit, coffee, tea, water juices throughout the day to choose from. Lunch will be your largest meal of the day because you will be out hunting from followed by a lighter dinner. You can expect roast beef dinners, steak and potatoes and pork chops just to name a few of our culinary delights. You will definitely gain weight this week.

What caliber size do I need to successfully harvest a bear?

This is one of the most asked questions. Anything over a 25-06 and you will be fine. Most importantly, you need to shoot with something you are comfortable with. Shot placement is far more important then the size of the bore. You dont want to be flinching every time you fire that 338 or larger and somehow pull the shot in anticipation of the recoil and miss completely. Your nerves and your heart will be beating a mile a minute, so why add to the stress?

Is there a place to shoot my gun once in camp?

Yes, there is and we make it a point for everyone to do so.

What is there to do if Im successful in harvesting a bear early in the week?

Plenty! If youre into fishing, there are many lakes in the area to check out. You can also go into Algonquin Park which is roughly 30 minutes away ( and experience what they offer. If you brought your ATV there are 1000s of miles of trail you can explore without disturbing other hunters from our camp. You can also go into town either Maynooth, Bancroft, Barrys Bay and sight see. There is usually a loggers festival and dance on the Labour Day weekend in Maynooth. The day for this event differs as it all depends on when Labour Day falls.

Am I allowed to use a bow or crossbow?


Yes, you may. There arent any forms to fill out nor do you have to pay a fee when crossing into Ontario .

Will I encounter other hunters who are not from our camps?


You may encounter a hunter from Ontario but it is extremely rare. All outfitters have their own BMAs (Bear Management Area) which allows them to only take their customers to their designated area.

What makes this area so desirable to hunt on?


A survey was conducted by the Ministry of Naturally Resources (MNR) in 2007, which states this area of Ontario has a bear density of 40-60 Black Bears per 100 square kilometers (km) or 60 square miles. Also, we border the largest provincial park in Ontario , Algonquin park ( which has an area of 7,653 square kilometers of strictly enforced no hunting.

How many baits are there to hunt and what is the average distance to the baits?


We run about 60 baits that are stretched across 120 square miles. The distance to most baits range from as 20 to 40 yards.

How often do you refill your baits and what is used?


Baiting begins one month prior to the beginning of the hunt and are checked every other day. Baiting everyday begins one week before the hunt starts and every morning during the hunt. All baiting is done before because you want the bears to be accustomed to coming in the afternoon and you do not want to disturb them which will result in them coming later or at night. All bait is meat based that has come from butcher shops. All meat is fresh and frozen in a walk in freezer and taken out just before they are needed. Rotting or maggot infested meat is not used and will be disposed of because bears will not eat it when it has gotten to that point. We also use deep fryer oil to help draw in bears.

What is the average size bear?


The average size bear ranges from 150 to 200lbs but there are 400 plus pounders to be had.

 Can I see live bears prior to the hunt starting to get a feel for a shooter?


Absolutely! We always take a side excursion as a group to the Whitney dump to get up close and personal to see many bears. Its not an uncommon sight to have 10-15 black bears there at any given time if the conditions are right. Its even more common to have 5-10 black bears ranging from 400 lbs to 500 lbs plus at a give time. The reason we do this is because most new hunter have never seen a bear up that close before and judging them can be difficult. So this is a perfect opportunity to size them up and give the novice hunter an idea what to look for when the time comes.


Are we hunting in ground blinds or treestands?


There are some treestands but there are mostly ground blinds. We provide the chairs.

Should I bring a thermocell?


Yes, you should. Black flies and mosquitoes can make an appearance.

Should I bring scent controlling scents?


Yes, it is recommended. Bears have a sense of smell 65x better then a blood hound and 2100x better then a human. So any un-natural smells will cause them to be spooked and they may not be seen.

What part of the day do we hunt?


The hunts take place in the afternoons but if you like, you can hunt in the mornings or stay out all day.

So what happens once I have shot my bear?


You should wait for your guide to come and help you find it if you can not see it. Once located it will be taken to camp where it will but gutted and hung for the night. The next day nice pictures can be taken if not already done. Next it will be skinned, quartered and frozen. The hide will be laid out on the ground in the freezer till it is ready to fold and roll up without sticking together (Doing this extra step will result in a much easier time for the taxidermist to roll it out). Your hide will now be ready to send to the taxidermist once you get home. There are absolutely no extra or hidden fees for this service.

What do I need to bring my bear hide and meat back home?


You will need to purchase a $35 export permit and you will be all set. You may also wish to bring a cooler with you this way your meat wont thaw out and spoil.

So what happens if I miss? Do I get another chance?


As much as people cant believe it but this does happen every year on multiple occasions. We would like to see everyone go home with their trophy so if there were signs of a clean miss, we will try our best to get you another chance at one. The only exception would be if there were enough signs to show and prove that you made a bad shot and wounded a bear, then your hunt would be done. Take your time, and aim very carefully.


What type of weather can I expect?


The weather can be so unpredictable. One day, it can be very hot and the next day damp, cold, wet. It goes from one extreme to anther. You should come prepared for hot, cold and rainy weather.

If you have any questions that I have not answered please feel free to call or email me at anytime