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2024 Deer Hunt


Early Season Archery Deer hunt begins on the Oct 26th - Nov 2th.
Deer Gun Season begins Nov 4th - 17th
Limited spots available during the bow and gun season

To insure a good hunt, all Gun and Archery hunts will take place in different areas within WMU 55A and WMU 57. Our hunt consist of a 6 day hunt except for the 1st week being that the Gun hunt will be starting on a Monday but accommodation will be provided for 7 days. You will be hunting on one of the many active baits (consisting of corn and apples) in the area. The average distance from the blind to the bait is around 40-60+ yards during the gun hunt and 20-25 yards during the archery hunt.  Hunters will be hunting from treestands. You are welcome to bring your own treestand.Baiting begins on October 1st to insure all deer familiarize themselves with all of the baits.

Package 1 Accommodation and Hunt

What's included:
- 6 Day Hunt
- Meals and accommodations
-Towels and Linens
- Skinning and freezing of your deer meat and hide (walk in freezer on site)
- Active baits

$1500.00USD Per Hunter 

Canadian Residents will be charged in Canandian dollars


**A non-refundable deposit of **$550.00USD is required upon booking, Blance is due one month before you arrive. Also Non-resident over the counter license, export-tag, outdoors card, Gun transfer's and taxes are extra**

**Due to circumstances out of our control, No refunds will be given.  It is your responsibility to ensure eligibility to enter Canada **

***Note:To insure a good hunt, we will only be taking a limited number of
hunters (up to 10 per week). So do not delay space is limited.***
**At this time there is availabillty for all dates**

****All Prices are in Americans Funds**** 

Please Make All Payment Payable to Nick Farace

Rules to follow while hunting with Wild North Outfitters


Hunters hunting during the gun season are required by law to wear their hunter orange
(vest and hat) to and from the Blind/Treestand and must wear it while in the Blind/Treestand.


Hunters are not required to have gun/bows encased, while traveling in vehicles during the day. . Guns and Bows must be cased before and after dark.


Hunters hunting during the archery hunt are not required by law to wear their orange with hunting but would recommend it when traveling to and from the Blind/Treestand


***Please note a wounded deer is considered your deer, found or not.
So take the time to make a well place shot***


Upon booking you are agreeing to the following:


2023 Licence information

Non-resident Licence $272.11 CAN
Export Permit $30.00 CAN
Outdoors Card $9.68 CAN
Gun Transfer $25.00 CAN

All licences are available over the counter.

Effective January 1, 2009 All Non-residents wanting to
 fish or hunt in Ontario must purchase an Outdoors Card

Caliber Sizes Recommend
Anything from 270 caliber to a 300 magnum







































2016 - Present Deer Hunt Summary

It has been some time since I have written a deer hunting summary. We have hosted hunters every year during this time. There are two different groups that come each week during the gun season and will continue to do so till I stop doing hunts, which is part of the reason why I havent been keeping it up to date. These guys are here to have a great time, relax, eat, enjoy everyone’s company and do hunt but it’s mostly weather dependant. Some years we harvest quite a few and others not so many. Most of the time, it is does or younger bucks. If it’s a cold or rainy day, guys will stay in, watch movies, drink coffee and BS. I run a bunch of trail cameras so everyone knows that they are around. I myself have been very successful over the years and try to push the guys to go out but at the end of the day, it is really up to them. Most are up to get away from the city for a week and as long as they are happy, I am happy.

Thanks for your time,



2015 Deer Hunt Summary

This year's hunt was a tough one.

We hosted 2 hunters during our early archery season. They had seen deer during their short 3 day hunt but were not successful in harvesting anything. The weather was just way to warm.

During the rifle season, we hosted the same 13 guys that we had for the last 5 years. They have seen the highs and the lows and this year was definitely a low. 6 guys came the 1st week and 7 came the 2nd week. 4 guys decided to come a few days earlier and try archery hunting first before the gun season started. We only got one on the second day of their archery hunt but nothing during the first week of the rifle season. During the 2nd week they only got one. Both groups did have some opportunities but it just wasn't meant to be.

The weather just didn't cooperate this year. It was so unbelievably hot during the first week of the rifle season the deer weren't moving. The second wasn't any better, It rained a lot. Talkabout a total 360 from last year!!!
With the weather staying as warm as it did, the late archery season was great. The deer stuck around much longer than normal giving you plenty of time and opportunities to get one. Our neighbour saw deer daily during the few hours he hunted every afternoon and ended up getting his buck however, his cousin missed an opportunity on his. Getting busted at 30 yards by his buck!!


Thanks for your time,



2014 Deer Hunt Summary

We hosted two different groups (yearly repeat customers) during each week of this years gun season. 3 deer were taking opening day, one 8 point and two doe. No other deer were taken that week and the group of 5 finished with 3. During the second week 3 were taken, 1 spike, 2 does, but with all the problems, lost cell phone, car problems, atv problems, flat tires, etc. There were many days/ time spent in the camp and not actually hunting. The picture below was taken at my treestand as I was out with the guys taking down their stands. That was the only time he came in and he was clearly following her as she was going into heat.



With the excitement from the last two years hunting the late archery season, I took the time off to get serious and put the time in to get my trophy. I had 9 different spots set and ready to go with 3 nice bucks coming.




It was really cold which was good, and kept them moving but what I didnt expect to happen, was a massive snow fall (the same one Buffalo got hit with 6 feet of snow!!!!!). 3 days before the storm there were deer everywhere. Normally some snow is expected during this time but not three feet worth over two days. Within one day most of the deer in the area migrated south to their deer yards. I spent a lot of time in the woods walking and looking for them but it just wasnt meant to be this year so I called it quits. I had been staying in contact with the guy next door to see how he was doing. He informed me all the snow had melted and the big 8 he was after was back. He asked me if I wanted him to put out some corn and a trail camera at one of the spots to see if there was any action and of course there was. Just a small 8 but you never know what else could come by. So I headed up for the weekend to give it one last chance. The day was perfect and all I could think about was last years experience when that big 9 came out and I hit that tree branch with the arrow. An hour before dark, the wind changed slightly blowing right into the cedar thicket. I did not see anything and the trail camera never ended up taking any pictures that night.

This year was tough all around and thats why they call it hunting. I look forward to next year!!

These were taken just down the road from the camp.




2013 Deer Hunt Summary

This years deer hunt was no different than this years bear hunt, hard and test your patients at the best of time. Even with large quantity of apples and corn at bait sites there was just too much feed out there provided by Mother Nature. It also seemed like the wolves were chasing them around as well. We hosted 10 hunters this year. We harvested two, 3 misses less than 50 yards away and 5 missed opportunities due to not having your gun up and ready for business or not having the right tag. I hunted the late bow season and had a very nice 9 point come in to 20 yards. I ending up hitting a small branch that I couldnt see at the time of the shot due to the fading light. He jumped took a few steps then looked again then finally slowly walked away. It was a clean miss and Im grateful I didnt wound him and not be able to find him.


Jim hunted hard all season and had two different bucks in his sites. He just could never be in the right stand at the right time while they passed by during the day. 3 extremely nice bucks were taken very close to us, one being a huge 13 point that came out of the swamp (big rack with a small body).

The last couple years have been a wealth of learning experiences. If you can sit all day, take the cold and the snow, the late bow season is my pick to harvest a big mature buck. The opportunities are there, you just have to put in the time and wait them out.